WEEKEND IN MILAN - Vol.2 Verona & Lake Garda

On Friday 4th July 2014, I went on a day trip to Verona and finally visited Piazza delle Erbe, Casa di Giulietta, Santa Maria Antica, Arena di Verona and Lake Garda.

Music Credit: ‘Bliss’ by Snakehips
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Fell instantly in love with their sound, and this remix takes it further.

Climbed up to the rooftop of Duomo di Milano today (using stairs rather than the elevator to get the full experience).

Such a nice view from above.

Got back to the apartment tonight and received a full load of sale goodness from Monki.

Can’t find no better weekend than this.

Spent almost the whole weekend dreading we might not be able to take these million-dollar photos and finally winning.

It did take a bit of physical, intellectual and mental effort (for those who’d like to see a close demonstration of how we did it, stay tuned to the triathlon game in 2016), but every pixel of them was worthwhile.

Hopefully I get the time to finish all the videos before heading home to Adelaide.

Went to Portofino, Santa Margherita and San Fruttuoso yesterday.

Sunshine, great view and good food.

Almost feel like home.

Asadinho Presents New Digital Album ‘Drendrology’ in August 2014

On a late note, found out remixer slash DJ slash Deep House Musician slash Label Co-owner slash Londoner, Asadinho, is releasing his first compilation digital album ‘Drendrology’ early next month.

The limited edition comes with a pack of free mix stems from RvS Music, and will be shipped to buyers around the globe on a piece of tweak wood (which nonetheless has to be a USB memory stick in fact - you might want to ask for a refund if it isn’t).

Tune into the album preview on SoundCloud to get a taste of Asadinho: https://soundcloud.com/asadinho/asadinho-presents-dendrology-album-preview

Or jump straight to the RvS website and grab your piece of wood before the official release on 7th August 2014: http://rvsmusic.net/product/asadinho-presents-dendrology-limited-usb-edition

Now, who’s looking for the next party?

WEEKEND IN MILAN - VOL.1 Swiss Alps Express

On Saturday 5th July 2014, I went on a day trip to St. Moritz, Switzerland and got a glimpse of the glacial Swiss Alps from a far on board the Swiss Alps Express. It was one of the most breathtaking sceneries I have ever seen, and truly an unforgettable experience riding the train to cross the border between Italy and Switzerland.

This clip comprises a collection of footage I shoot on the day using a Canon 500D plus my iPhone 4S (when unfortunately my camera ran out of memory during the second half of the journey). 

Music Credit: ‘Somewhere Else’ by Mesita

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Almost one week into Milan, still feeling unreal.

The majestically architected landmarks must have long been used to foreign admiration - rain or sunshine, nothing stops them from exerting a peculiar aesthetic edge to the urban landscape.

If you would like to be welcomed by locals, the mere utterance of simple Italian greetings might make a difference. Keep in mind that no attempt towards a new language can escape repeated trial and errors, but even my least successful endeavour was passionately taken as a friendly gesture (might not apply to the cashier lady at that busy Gelateria near the Duomo).

And of course, school is the most important part of this journey (though I’d want to deny it). The introductory lecture on fashion and design was very engaging as it enlightened our conception around how creativity and functionality intertwine to modernise life in the contemporary world.

It’s way too difficult to express how much I like this city + the hot summer in the southern hemisphere. Surely more is to come.