My heart literally skipped a beat when I got home after work at 10pm and saw the packet on my desk.

I thought it was never going to make it.

Another thing to mention before I start talking about this Album, Paul from RvS Music was very helpful and offered to refund when he heard I haven’t received a delivery in two weeks. 

It calmed me down into giving it an extra couple days of wait which turn into tremendous anticipation and eventually exploded into excitement when I did the unboxing an hour ago.

I am listening to the tracks as I write and can’t get enough of the Asadinho kind of bass and deep house goodness.

The packaging seems a fruit of thoughtful design (although it could have been confiscated by the stingy Australian custom being contained in a wooden USB, hmm, we’ll talk about that later) and very ‘Dendrology’ indeed.

I think there’s a fair bit of technical issues on the distribution side of things that the label will have to work harder on make its fans happier than they are.

But I think this is relatively understandable being a long-term indie lover - I’ve just lost the will to complaint and critique after countless foul trials buying and selling tracks online..

Again I think Asadinho is great and when the beats hit the right part of my heart I think he’s beyond great.

I didn’t dig very deep into the Kendo Nagasaki reference but I think there is much more to anticipate behind that mask.  

If you love deep house and grooves that makes you wanna go out at night and pretend it’s night time when it’s day time, then you’ve got to hand over your ears to Asadinho once in a while.

Part II - ‘A Spring Song’


They say every time a soul rises to heaven, a star will be struck off the mid-night sky.

Explains just how precious every individual one of us is and ought to be treated as.

Back in the days when me and my friends were careless of time, money, celebrities and work, we would occasionally gather at the beach and chat through a hot summer night in warm ocean breeze near the bonfire.

Gone are those days when we could stay bonded as long as we wish and run as wild as our hearts desire. 

Being away once in a while wakes me from sad realities and ironies that gloom from the ceaseless pursuit of basic satisfactions.

Let us just hope the extra lengths we go for remaining grounded will help us get by with a straight mind.

Went to Kangaroo Island for the first time last weekend, spectacular view and a raw and natural atmospher.

Part I - ‘Rockvanture’.

On Friday 18th July, we went north along the Ligurian coast and visited the beautiful Santa Margherita Ligure, Portofino (where they filmed a scene for ‘The Wolves of Wall Street’) and also San Fruttuoso. We walked approximately 5km to reach Portofino from Santa Margherita and was amazed by the ocean view the entire time. At the end of the day, we went back to Rapallo (where our accommodation was) by ferry and were able to briefly revisit the three places - it was a completely different experience to look at the towns from the sea.

Music Credit: ‘West Coast’ by Lana Del Rey (ZHU Remix)
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How I adore Florence.

This tiny yet unbelievably exquisite city has everything it needs and deserves to be the artistic capital of Italy.

We couldn’t wait but went to Ponte Vecchio straightaway after we arrived and watched the breath-takingly beautiful Arno River scene at dusk.

The Giotto’s Campanile (bell tower next to Duomo di Firenze) took a fair bit of effort to climb but the view from above was well-worth it.

We also wandered along the streets on the Southern bank after dark and I bought a can of lemon soda from a vending machine supermarket - wait for a sneak peek in my upcoming vid!

Another thing I learned from the trip: i can eat boiled chicken and potatoes everyday for the rest of my life as long as there’s tuscany Truffle sauce on top of them.


WEEKEND IN MILAN - Vol.4 RAPALLO from Krisilience on Vimeo.

On Thursday 17th July 2014, I took a 3-hour train ride to one of the Ligurian towns on the north-west coast of italy, its name is Rapallo, a small, quiet but very lovely city to the south-east of Genova. There are a lot of seafood restaurants on the inner side of the beach esplanade. We stayed at Hotel Mignon Posta which was also small but the managing lady was very friendly and provided us with a lot of helpful tips.

Music Credit: ‘What You Like’ by atu
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On Sunday 13th July 2014, I went to Venice for a day trip to get a taste of this romantic and artistic city. I visited the St Mark’s Square and Bacilica, Rialto Bridge, Piazza San Marco, Doge’s Palace, Bridge of Sighs and the Grand Canal. We also went to the glass factory to watch a glass-making session then wrapped up the day with a Gondola ride.

Music Credit: ‘Gold’ by Bondax (Snakehips Remix)

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WEEKEND IN MILAN - Vol.2 Verona & Lake Garda

On Friday 4th July 2014, I went on a day trip to Verona and finally visited Piazza delle Erbe, Casa di Giulietta, Santa Maria Antica, Arena di Verona and Lake Garda.

Music Credit: ‘Bliss’ by Snakehips
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Fell instantly in love with their sound, and this remix takes it further.

Climbed up to the rooftop of Duomo di Milano today (using stairs rather than the elevator to get the full experience).

Such a nice view from above.